August 04, 2008

Home and happy

I’m home! The plane was only a little late. And that was the usual: other planes being delayed, holding up our plane. Seems to be the way now.

Then when leaving the airport I noticed some strange noises coming from what sounded like the right rear wheel area. I know nothing about car mechanics nor did the friend who had been staying here with Lila (and taking wonderful care of her) and who also picked me up. So we drove to her house and her husband said it sounds like wheel bearings. They very kindly lent me their car to go home and will be taking my car in for repairs in the morning. Too bad, but it’s great to have such good friends.

First thing I did when I got home, after bringing in my bags, was to go out in my garden and pick dinner. Peas, lettuce and then blueberries. So nice to be home!

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