August 03, 2008

Try this one on for size

To my surprise, I just found a very early piece of my work listed for sale on eBay. Someone in Cyprus is auctioning it off. Sale is over August 6. I like my recent work so much better. This piece is a work on paper, using oil pastels and collage. It was before I found a way to work on canvas that was satisfying to me. Canvas talks back, is much more sassy. Now I find working on paper much harder because it is not as challenging.

Posted by leya at August 3, 2008 11:04 AM


So, was it a bit surreal to see one of your works being re-sold on Ebay, or has it happened before?

Also, I agree, canvas is much more sassy!

Posted by: Kesha Bruce at August 4, 2008 05:43 AM