July 13, 2004

What I did on my summer vacation....

It really was a lovely holiday, not a care in the world, just wandered around, saw the city, visited with friends, hung out with Aaron & Jessica.

Went to the Montreal Jazz Fest........


and watched/heard some jazz outdoors:


Lots of people wandering across the grounds:


Watched people watching jazz:


Went to bookstores but didn't buy anything this trip. I still have stacks of books to read at home. (I did read Richard Russo's Empire Falls while I was there. Took it off the shelves from Jessica's family. Really good book):


Went to Ikea. (Bought a rack for CD's that fit into my suitcase):


Wandered about the streets with Aaron & Jessica and with friends:


It's a very busy, noisy city. Lots of "things" to do. Also went to the Musee de Beaux-Arts to see the Jean Cocteau exhibit, went to coffee shops, went to two movies, Farenheit 9/11 and The Corporation (what a strange world we are living in!), wrote, read, slept and ate.

I came home to a garden of bursting peonies and quiet nights with only the loons singing on the lake. It is indeed nice to be home.

Posted by leya at July 13, 2004 06:43 PM