July 02, 2004

Gone but never forgotten

Aaron & Jessica left for Montreal Tuesday morning. They, and Jessica’s dad and step-mother, stayed here a couple of nights before they left. (I loved having a full house!) They drove and when they got in Wednesday night, Aaron called me, told me to look on my camera. Odile had taken this photo to leave me a memory of two very tired travelers.


After a couple of weeks of packing, the stress of moving, and a two day car trip, they sound, as of this morning, to be resting up and probably eager for their new life in Montreal.

I left my house before they did Tuesday morning because I had Pilates classes. One of the other women commented that I looked tired. I told her I was having an emotional day, that my son had just left to live in Montreal. Everyone was understanding. They were all mothers of grown children. That helped. And of course, they all said Montreal is their favorite city, etc.

When Aaron first moved back to Halifax three years ago, after eleven years in Montreal, I couldn’t believe he was actually here. When he realized he was moving away again, he was extra attentive to me, calling, inviting me to dinner, to meet for lunch. It has made the move easier, those extra times together. One advantage of having grown children is that it doesn’t take much to make a mom happy, just a little more attention. (But writing this, that they are gone, has been very hard.)

I’m going to Montreal as of Sunday for a week—for the Jazz Fest—and to soften the transition. They won’t get that far away from me!

Posted by leya at July 2, 2004 03:01 PM