September 03, 2005

we moved yesterday

We moved yesterday. Movers put boxes and beds on two local-sized trucks and drove them away to load into a semi for the cross-country drive. Movers were great. More on this fascinatingly different kind of moving company if and when they do a great job at the other end.

We moved yesterday. Exhaustion. Scattered non-thinking. Watching movers. Emptying the fridge. Moving food from its temporary storage on top of the butcher block island to a countertop after realizing the movers were finding other things to pack and could have been putting the island on the truck. Watching in amazement as, mere moments later, the butcher block island was encased snugly in a plastic cocoon, wrapped in furny blankets, and cocooned once again and then of course secured on the truck. Mere minutes elapsed between its status as useful part of house to anonymous item on truck.

We moved yesterday. After the movers left, Damian and I made one last visit to the local playground. As we arrived back at the house-which-I-can't-call-home, Dan returned from his last day of work and we cleared out the house together. The house smaller in the way that empty houses are. Uninhabited. Pretty walls. Pretty floors. Pretty built-ins. Looks like the new owner (we chatted yesterday) will be renting it out for at least a while, so someone will be enjoying the fruits of all our hard work after all.

We moved yesterday. Damian rolled down the car window as we pulled out of the driveway. "Goodbye, neighbors! We won't miss you!" I was too numb to feel. Goodbye, life in LA. Hello... ?

We moved yesterday. Stayed up till 1 a.m. talking with Tiny Coconut and Baroy. A perfect sendoff. We'll miss them, no doubt about it. We do have connections, do feel connected in Los Angeles. And yet. What makes a place -- a city or town -- home? Still pondering that one.

We moved yesterday. We are now in transit. Neither here nor there. We carry the essentials of home in our packed-to-the-gills minivan, a family of turtles, as we travel slowly across the continent.

More in a bit (tonight, I think).

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