September 02, 2005

outside my cocoon

Sitting here in the living room while Damian gets dressed (he wanted company so I'm here, paused). Movers come in little over an hour.

I got up early this morning, no surprise, I guess. Had time to get on the computer, read Katrina aftermath and commentary. I don't know if it's a frustration or a blessing, but the TV has been disconnected for the past week. So all the coverage I've seen has been online. No time for video, I've been reading and looking at pictures. So maybe it's not as vivid for me as it is for all of you. In which case, I feel for you. Because it's incredibly, painfully vivid for me. Unbelievable. Heart-rending. And the administration's half-assed "it's not Iraq so I don't care" response? Infuriating. These are PEOPLE. SUFFERING. And nobody prepared for this. Even though they knew it was coming DAYS beforehand. A terrible smite from nature's mighty paw, yes, but wherefore the lame response? We should all be crying now.

That is all I have time to say. Damian's dressed, I have to empty out the fridge. Movers are coming in an hour.

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