August 02, 2005

musical emotions

Today in the car on the way home from Damian's swim lesson, I put Suzanne Vega's eponymous album on the stereo. Damian listened for a while, then said, "I want you to play this album first on our drive across country. I want you to play it when we're leaving Los Angeles."

I agreed, though I would have preferred Wang Chung's "To Live and Die in LA" or The Eagles' "Hotel California." But hey, why not?

A bit later he said, "I hope we get home before the end of the whole album. I don't want to hear the whole thing because the last time we listened to it, Dante was in the car" (we were acclimating the cats to carriers-plus-movement) "and if I hear the whole thing now it'll remind me of him and that will make me too sad."

There you have it. Our current emotional states encapsulated in a child's reaction to a CD.

Posted by Tamar at August 2, 2005 06:44 PM | TrackBack

Our son also is fond of Suzanne Vega - when he was four (and also in the car) he remarked in a dreamy-voiced way "her voice is so beautiful..."

That is a good album, though. However, I agree more with your choices for the trip. Personally I will never be able to separate that album from November in New England.

Best of luck with the move - and I have to admit, I'm envious of your opportunity to take a long road trip with your son. It's been a while since I did that and despite his having bad allergies the whole way we still had a great time.

Posted by: Todd at August 2, 2005 08:13 PM
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