June 03, 2005


Our broker put our house on the MLS (multiple listing service) yesterday. By last night, he'd already gotten a call from a broker representing an investor who wanted to bid on it sight unseen. Whoa.

As of today (3:45 pm as I write this), he's gotten something like five calls from brokers. He told them all that the first showing is Tuesday at the broker's open house. Two said okay. Three said their clients can't come Tuesday, can they see it over the weekend, pretty please? Whoa.

Also? The investor came back with an actual honest-to-god bid. For our asking price, no underbidding at all. Whoa.

My head is spinning. This is happening so fast. So so fast.

(I'll post the listing wording and pictures in a separate post.)

Posted by Tamar at June 3, 2005 03:49 PM | TrackBack

I'd say I told you so, but I'm not sure if I actually said it out loud, or just to Baroy. But I knew, like I know my own name, that you were/are going to sell that house for more than the asking price, and quickly.

Whoa indeed. And mazel tov.

Posted by: Tiny Coconut at June 3, 2005 08:09 PM
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