May 12, 2005

my new hat

I have a new hat. A straw sunhat with a slightly rolled brim. I set it on the printer cart in my office and Dante immediately started stalking it. When he began licking the brim, I removed it to the bookcase. When he wedged himself onto the shelf, I squirted him and chased him off. He can't have it. It's mine.

I like this hat. You can fold it, sit on it, crush it into a suitcase, and it'll unfurl, unfold and look just as good. I got it at the travel bookstore today, along with an updated Rand McNally US Atlas, a huge fold-out road map of the same terrain, a Frommer's and also a Rough Guide to, yes, these United States of America.

We're going on a road trip, yes we are. We're going to drive across the entire country. Stem to sternum, tip to top. Well, okay, not quite top. But it's a long drive with a seven year old, no? So I can exaggerate. I'm entitled. Also giddy. Also bewildered. Is this my beautiful life? How'd this happen?

We have a few scenarios right now, timetables and scheduling issues, and this has never been that kind of personal blog so I'll gloss over that part except to say that in all likelihood, sometime before mid-September and quite possibly as early as a month from now, we'll get into our minivan and set out for a long, very long, oh so long drive. This is not to say we're moving in a month, I don't see how we could possibly be ready that soon, but if we do have the freedom to go then, it's a nice time of year to make the drive (and then fly back to LA to pack). The car has to get there somehow, right?

Whether in June, August, or September, I know certain things about this trip. It will take approximately two weeks. I will take lots of pictures. Damian will complain about being bored in the car. We will listen to a lot of music. When I'm in the passenger seat, I will sometimes take my shoes off and put my feet up on the dash. We will stop a great many times in many towns and at overlooks and trailheads. We will visit Bryce Canyon in Utah. We will drive through the Colorado Rockies and look down. We will see Mount Rushmore and look up. We will drive and walk through the Black Hills and the Badlands in South Dakota. We will visit Chicago and eat well. We will eat a lot of greasy road food and I hope some of will even taste good. We will be very tired at the end of the road. I will wear my new hat.

Posted by Tamar at May 12, 2005 04:38 PM | TrackBack

The first time we drove across the country was 1958, from Cape Canaveral Florida to Los Angeles. We were pulling a trailer with my junk and the rear end on my car was making more and more threatening noises. We were newlyweds and I learned on that trip that my husband WOULD NOT cross the road to get food or check out a motel.

The next longest move was from Lancaster CA to New Orleans. That was 1963--the year we had 5 phone numbers due to moves. The"adventure" on that one was an accident outside of Las Cruces in which a bean-picker rear-ended the back of the boat, driving it off the trailer through the back window of the station wagon, and shoving the wagon slightly sideways into a moving van and significantly forward into a car on the shoulder. We were delayed a day on that one while the car radiator got repaired. (We had a second car that took us around town.)

Good Luck!!

Posted by: sue at May 12, 2005 04:48 PM

Am I evil to suggest a portable DVD player and a pair of headphones?

That's a LOT of hours in the car for Damian, which will include boring highway time without much to see out the window.

Also it would be great for you to know that if you're in Motel 6, eating greasy road food, you have a nice movie to look forward to.

Maybe you can hook up with MB travelling in the opposite direction!

Posted by: Allison at May 13, 2005 12:19 AM

Sue, those sound like the kind of adventures I don't want to have! Happens, though, I'm sure. All the time. (And five phone #s in one year, wow.)

Allison, we've got better: Powerbook with both DVDs and computer games (and a car adapter). And we can each sit with him sometimes to play magnetic board games or read to him (or have him read to us!). But mostly I'm trying to plan a route that will maximize interesting scenery and lots of enjoyable stops. Because I'm worried about it too.

I wonder if MB's brood and our smaller crew will end up in the same vicinity at the same time? Sounds like it could happen...

Posted by: Tamar at May 13, 2005 12:43 AM

My dad was a teacher and we spent many summers driving around the States. I feel so lucky we were able to do that. It'll be an excellent adventure!

I can recommend a really beautiful area between the Black Hills and Chicago if you're looking to get off the interstate. And you don't want to skip Madison, if you have a chance.

Posted by: Rachel at May 13, 2005 07:09 PM

I am, of course, wondering if planning this brings back flashbacks to the last time you crossed the country by road -- at 16, in very different company :-)

As for stops along the way - Glober has relocated to Cincinnati, where the houses are bountiful and beautiful and I bet there's some space.....

Posted by: Chris at May 14, 2005 09:15 AM

Here's a link I saw on traveling or moving with pets in case it helps you...

Like I told Dan, I wish you guys much luck & happiness with your move, job change, life change, etc., etc.

Posted by: Janet at May 16, 2005 02:36 PM

I'm excited for you and all of the possibilities ahead for you and Dan & Damian, Tamar! If you have any time to get together at all when you are in Chicago, let me know - we would love to see you!

Posted by: Jessamyn at May 30, 2005 05:17 PM
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