September 13, 2004

grooming gestures

I tend to carry a wide array of things in a pack slung over one shoulder. Lately Damian has been coming up behind me as I walk and threading my arm through the other loop so the pack sits squarely on both shoulders. At first, I thought this was anal-retentive of him, wanting everything including me to be just so. In general he's not an obsessive-compulsive sort of kid, but it was the only explanation I could find. But then a couple of days ago, I was reclining on the couch with Damian standing over me, explaining or chatting about something or other, since forgotten. One of my bangs fell across my eye, obscuring my vision. Damian reached over and brushed it back. The movement was so tender, so reminiscent of how we straighten his clothes or smooth his hair, it made me realize: he's not being compulsive. Far from it. He's discovered a new, intimate kind of expression of love.

Posted by Tamar at September 13, 2004 11:35 PM

That is the sweetest thing! Aawwww! It's like how my daughter takes my hubby's face in between her two hands and then kisses him. There's just so much love in them!

Posted by: Grace at September 14, 2004 08:23 AM