October 28, 2003

photoblogs.org revision

Brandon Stone has revamped photoblogs.org. Did a nice job, too. And in theory I like the new ranking system a lot. For one thing, Emese now gets a higher rank, as she richly deserves. For another, this removes the idiot factor, the people who gave negative or removal votes to other blogs out of spite or hoping it would improve their own ranking. The new system makes the site more of a group endeavor. Only members get to vote, and the ranking is taken from a compilation of their personal favorites lists. So if you're on seven favorites lists your photoblog will get a higher rank than one that only two members consider a fave.

But I find myself wondering where a site like mine falls into with this. Most of my viewers, I would guess, still come from other sources. They (you) are not people who will go run to sign up as photoblogs.org members or have seven or eight or twenty photoblogs in your web browser's bookmarks folder. I may therefore not become favored by enough members to keep (or regain) a top one hundred ranking. Perhaps this is survival of the fittest and my photos will turn out not fit enough by some Darwinian ranking.

Or maybe I should just wait and see. After all, this experiment is still brand new. And I do like the theory, quite a lot.


I don't remember how I found your site. But I blogrolled you the minute I looked deeper into it. Not sure what you are saying about your ranking though. I just like your photos. If people like your shots I'd imagine they'll vote for you so you can keep your status.

Posted by: Clicks at October 29, 2003 10:38 AM

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