December 20, 2008

Home sweet home

The only thing worse than waiting hours at an airport for delayed planes is waiting on the phone to talk to an agent about planes that have been canceled. (Fortunately I had checked flight status before leaving for the airport.) After three hours of being put on hold, with an occasional update from a real person about flight possibilities, I’m still here, at home, with no possibility of getting to Cleveland for the party tomorrow. Even the flights I might have booked for today if there had been a seat available have been canceled. Heavy snows. But yesterday it was a bright and sunny day here. Very frustrating, to say the least.

The upside is I won’t miss my tai chi and Chinese medicine classes today. And I can work in my studio a few more days before taking off on Boxing Day for Ottawa to visit Aaron. Traveling at this time of year is rarely easy but this experience was the pits!

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December 18, 2008

Hearts and flowers and lots of years

I’m off tomorrow for a few days in Cleveland, Ohio—for my sister’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Amazing how the years go by. I remember her wedding well. It was in January in Washington, D.C., a little snow on the ground but not too cold. She looked lovely. As we walked down the aisle (I was a bridesmaid), I heard someone whisper quite loudly: Do you think she is a virgin? and the reply: You can bet on it! I may never know for sure. I've never asked her and probably won't. It doesn't really matter now, three children, five grandchildren and fifty years later.

The reception was at our house in Bethesda. And of course, she made sure I caught the bouquet. I have a small album of photos from that day. We were all so young then. Now, a few years (and more) gone by, I wouldn’t mind catching another bouquet!

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December 17, 2008


Down by the lake


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December 09, 2008

Why not!

I just had an amusing conversation with the Program Officer in charge of granting at the Nova Scotia Department of Culture. I needed to know if I have to submit a report so I can apply for another grant. I hadn’t remembered when I received a NS grant and it turns out my last one was in May of 2007 and I do need to write a report. I jested with him that I’m due for another one. So he’ll have to stack the jury for me with people who don’t need to read about art in order to appreciate it!

He was telling me some people have unreasonable requests for granting. One person put in an application asking for twice the allowable amount without any proposal or budget. Her excuse, when he called her, was that it was the first time she’s applied. (The application does come with instructions.) He’s seen people ask for money to buy a new car. I don’t need a new car; I’m very happy with my 2005 Honda Element. But with all the snow we’ve been having, I could use a garage!

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December 03, 2008

On a cool grey morning

The lake talks back:




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