July 27, 2008

The latest news from Halifax International Airport

I’m on my way to visit with Tamar, Dan and Damian . . . I think. I’m in the airport, waiting. We were on the plane ready to take off when they put us on hold for about an hour. Then we deplaned and are hanging out in the waiting room. Seems there are about to be thunderstorms in Newark so they’ve closed the airport. And little planes get cancelled first. Nova Scotia is small so we get put on hold. The same thing happened last March when I went to visit Tamar et al. Maybe another hour or so here, after a couple of hours waiting already. I only hope they don’t cancel the flight. The one before mine was nixed.

Meanwhile it is interesting listening to a few conversations around me. Some tourists were talking to a couple of pilots. Although the pilots land here often, they hadn’t toured the province but did start thinking about maybe next summer bringing the family here. The tourist was telling them how beautiful Nova Scotia is, about the Fundy tides, how easy it is to get around, how magnificent Peggy’s Cove is, how close everything is, and more. I just wanted to jump up and say: “I live here!” Lucky me!

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