February 06, 2008

About Charles

I went to see some short, five-minute films Sunday night. They were done with scholarships from and guidance of the Centre for Art Tapes. Eight films by budding filmmakers. All the films were good, showed talent and intelligence. Yet not much can be done by inexperienced filmmakers in five minutes, it seems. Seven of them definitely needed more work or more time, more than five minutes or more experience. But one was so good, I’d like to see it again. About a young man in his early twenties (with a wife and two children) who lives off the land, completely. He (and the film) are fresh, saucy, lively, entertaining and able to completely penetrate cultural mores.

Charles, the young farmer, talks about his life with humor and gentleness. He makes a good case for living off the land. With very little financial resources, it is, indeed, a full time job for him and his family. Milking cows, gardening, preserving, making his tools by hand, building his house with found materials. I could do it—for a few weeks. But I wouldn’t want to give up the painting part of my life. So I guess that’s not my thing right now.

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