January 28, 2008

No Country for Old Men

I went to see No Country for Old Men. With such an intriguing title, I expected something different. No movie for squeamish people, this one! I closed my eyes through most of the bloody violence (and there was plenty) and even so, I couldn’t get the brutal images from the movie out of my mind. The scenery was beautiful, the acting good, but I would have preferred less consuming violence. But then, that is what it was about.

The movie came together for me at the end, made the rest of it palatable—at the end, there was the only expressions of real feelings from real people, people who just didn’t want that kind of life any more. The sheriff asked his uncle if he still wanted revenge on the man who put him in a wheelchair. No, he said, it can consume you so you just move on.

I walked out of the theatre feeling more alert, more fear, and don’t want to see another movie like that, don’t want to live that way.

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