October 02, 2007

Sunrise on the lake

There seems to be something special about autumn mornings:



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hi Leya,

don´t know if you remember me. I do..sitting with you looking out over the lake I think in 2000 0r 2001 this was. You showed me the house and your pictures...
and now I found by incident your site "postcardsfrom..."
Thouse lovely photos from the lake (makes me feel my homesickness for Nova Scotia) .....and pictures from your artwork (those make me smile and happy).
All this reminded me of my promise to you, that I would try to get an exhibition for your work in europe. I wasn´t successful in my tryings in Cologne, but I can see that you have been over the lake (Switzerland) already.
But your site reminded me ... so I will try another start and ask "our" Galleries here in Marburg.
I hope you are fine

greetings from

Posted by: Sharchen-Beata Hagen at March 7, 2008 06:31 AM
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