December 16, 2006

Happy Feet

After a lovely late morning breakfast of blueberry pancakes, Aaron, Shaya and I went to see Happy Feet. It was good. I’m not much on most animation. This was well done. At one point I wondered how the movie-makers were going to manuvour out of the mess they were in, but it worked okay. They did it. And it was nice to see the environment (over-fishing being the message here) being taken care of (people finally caring and doing something about it) in the movie, even though it isn’t happening in reality. I did see The March of the Penguins earlier this year and enjoyed it much more. Penguins are cute, but in reality, they have such a hard life. That’s mostly what I was thinking when watching them dancing on the ice and snow.

We walked home from the theatre. Ottawa is a large small city. Very nice, clean. Tonight we are going to a party. It’s been very relaxing, being with my family in a warm friendly home away from home.

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