December 03, 2006

Magnificent Victoria Park

Before going away last weekend, I had a marathon shipping experience. I needed to retrieve paintings from two galleries in Nova Scotia, neither of them nearby. During class on Monday, I arranged for a courier to take the paintings from a gallery in Annapolis Royal to Truro, where I went on Tuesday to pick them up, along with the paintings that were in the exhibit there at the Marigold Centre. When I brought them home, I had to pack them up. I did some wrapping that night, went to bed exhausted, and my friend Brian came over the next morning (while I was teaching) to start packing them up. When I got home, I helped with the packing and then we loaded the boxes into my car and I drove them to the shipper. The paintings arrived in Switzerland by the following Tuesday. Everything went smoothly.

Meanwhile, my trip to Truro included a walk through beautiful Victoria Park:





and a picture of my perpetual motion puppy in the park:


Posted by leya at December 3, 2006 02:54 PM