November 11, 2006

Out & about a bit

Lila and I took a walk at Lewis Lake today. It was unusually warm and sunny. It hardly felt like the middle of November. The road there is closed off to cars from Labor Day until Memorial Day. It’s doggie heaven! Lila is very good on walks. She rarely goes more than twenty meters away from me and always comes when I call her, even if she is in the middle of playing with another dog. I’m very lucky to have her.

Now she is tired and will stay home while I go to a movie. Marie Antoinette. (I don’t think she would enjoy a movie unless I gave her lots of popcorn, and Porties don’t do well with corn!) Thursday I went to see The Queen. I found it a bit unsettling. The interweaving of digital clips of real events into the dramatized story was sometimes confusing and sometimes rude. Couldn’t they wait until the Queen is dead! I like a good documentary but this was something in between fiction and fact. And there are plenty of good fiction stories that need to be told. I hope this one tonight is more enjoyable.

Posted by leya at November 11, 2006 04:39 PM