February 26, 2005

A day of dreams; may all your (good) dreams come true��.

Thursday night I dreamed I received a Canada Council �B� Grant. In the dream I was very surprised as I hadn�t applied for one. But I wasn�t complaining!

Then on Friday, I went to my mailbox (which I do about once a week--I live on a back road so the mailboxes are about five kilometers from my house). Amongst the bills, there was an envelope from the Nova Scotia Arts Council. I looked at it and thought: �I�m not in the mood right now for another rejection,� and waited to open it. I hadn�t remembered when I had put the application in, whether it had been turned down yet or not, so I wasn�t really expecting anything.

When I finally did open the envelope, I noticed the first sentence: �I am pleased to inform you��..� Nice. A much appreciated relief. And confirmation. A Creation Grant to continue painting. My dream had been (in essence) prophetic.

When I told my Pilates instructor that evening, the wonderful dancer Jacinte Armstrong (of Verve Mewundo), said my dream was better than hers: she woke up at 2 am, from constant dreams that she was teaching Pilates. And after days of teaching Pilates, that�s a little over the top!

Then last night (at the opening reception for the Rodin exhibit at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia), when I told my friend Janice Jackson (the great songster) about my dream grant and real grant, she said she had a dream about me just the night before. In her dream I had opened a gallery exhibiting my work. The gallery was on the third floor above a dress shop, The Clothes Horse, on Argyle Street. And the paintings I was exhibiting were very different from what I usually do. These dream paintings were on irregularly shaped canvases in blacks and whites and mostly grays. Is this a message? Something to think about, no doubt. Messages from dreams.

Posted by leya at February 26, 2005 04:06 PM