February 20, 2005

Just my opinion here; no harm done

I went to a really bad (in my opinion) dance performance the other night. I had seen the dancer once before, several years ago, and hadnít liked her then. But I am always willing (I think) to give someone a second chance. Just not a third!

In this case her personality was stronger than her dance moves. And her persona was not pleasant, inviting. The music however was exceptional. Worth sitting through the uninspired moves on the dance floor. Most of the time I was sitting there choreographing possibilities from some of the pieces of the performance that did appeal to me. But overall, I was not impressed with the performance (other than the music).

But Halifax is such a small town that it is hard to express opinions here without offending. Too bad. You never know what and how a comment is going to come back to you. But I just didnít enjoy the dance. Thatís all.

Posted by leya at February 20, 2005 08:15 PM