January 23, 2005

It rains in Beautiful BC, endless rain

Last week I was in Vancouver to make connections with people and galleries. Vancouver in the middle of its rainy rain season. I thought I prefered the snow I came home to find in piles everywhere, needing to plow out my car from the snow around it (took a half hour at the airport before I could even load my suitcase into it!). But now we are getting battered and pounded with a heavy blizzard: wind and snow and fingers crossed that the power will stay on.

Some pix from the other side of the continent, the rainy side. The beach in the rain and fog:


The trees in Vancouver were so different than what I am used to seeing. These were across the road from the beach:


I went to a concert in a church and was mostly fascinated by the woman's charming hat in front of me:

Posted by leya at January 23, 2005 06:55 PM