December 31, 2004

The talk of the town

When chatting with Heidi at lunch yesterday, talk inevitably turned to how to get your artwork out in the world. She asked me if I believed in doing "The David Bowie. Apparently, Bowie wanted to be a universal rock star so he acted like a rock star, even before he had that status.

Of course, yes. Do "The David Bowie." But then when you look beneath the surface of that, there are two things that are important. First, to act like you are a star, or to act successful, you have to have confidence, real confidance, to believe in yourself, in what you are doing. It's hard to fake. It's transparent. Secondly, that confidence should be well placed. Quite simply, the quality of the work is of utmost important. All the strutting in the world without a real body in the suit would just be another Emperor with No Clothes.

Posted by leya at December 31, 2004 03:45 PM