December 09, 2004

If I robbed a bank, would you still love me?

Yoko lent me Oceanís Eleven the other day. Shortly into the film, I found I couldnít watch it thinking that anyone would get hurt. Even though they were criminals, thieves, pulling off a major Las Vegas heist, I cared about them, didnít want anyone to get hurt or go back to jail. Geez, they were criminals! Arenít we supposed to dislike criminals!?! (And they werenít even described as profound people, their characters not fully developed, just attractive men, nice bodies, beautiful faces, seductive energy, yumm.)

So I had to ask Yoko what happens and she told me they are successful and no one dies so I watched (and enjoyed) the rest of the film.

Posted by leya at December 9, 2004 07:07 AM