August 02, 2004

Once in a Blue Moon

Saturday past was a full moon, a blue moon. I went to Cape Breton for the weekend, to a wedding, a real Cape Breton wedding—lots of singing, dancing, drinking, food, fun.


The weather was, and has been, hot and sunny (whereas here it has been raining and cold for weeks and weeks, every day.) The couple getting married had a new kind of civil ceremony, a certified domestic agreement. Although originally designed to accommodate gay couples, any one can register. In essence there was no officiate, they designed their own ceremony, signed a paper, and, as the bride's mother suggested by the cake, the noose was tied!


The surprise event of the day was a whale watching cruise after the ceremony and food. Gulls watched from shore as a boatload of revellers pulled out to sea.


I’ve seen whales from my living room window when I lived in Duncan’s Cove. But this was very special, magical. We were transported with eewww’s and oooh’s and aaaahhh’s and LOOOK!!!! LOOK!!!!!!!! as the ocean came alive with pilot whales dancing around us. Many many whales, too many to count. (And too fast for me to get a good photo!)


I came back soaked from the ocean spray and soaked with wonderful memories. It was a relaxed, joyous Cape Breton party. The wedding experience was just ducky!


(P.S. The scarecrow's wedding was in Cheticamp. I didn't attend. I was in Pleasant Bay.)

Posted by leya at August 2, 2004 03:30 PM