June 30, 2004

Not X, Not Y

When Linda Fairchild came out on Friday and suggested that I get rid of the x that I had been in almost every painting, it made sense. I worked on them over the weekend and everything looks so very good. Like a door opened up. In many places what needed to happen in the painting was a surprise to me. Without the x, the paintings are much stronger, more definite than with the x, the opposite of what I had expected.

Today she came to make the selection for the exhibit in September. She also had been thinking a lot about the xs and had a very thoughtful comment. She said sometimes when something from the past has had its day, when you know it is time to let go, it becomes even more entrenched because it is hard to see that it has to go--and so hard to let go. Very interesting.

Posted by leya at June 30, 2004 04:56 PM