June 06, 2004

Butterfly wings

Been out on the town the last few nights. Interesting. Usually I find it hard to leave my beautiful house and land and wonder why I am alone so much. But after a long cold winter and a spring that doesnít really want to happen, I feel like seeing what is out there, out beyond my known territory.

Usually when I look at the Nova Scotia landscape I expect to see dinasours, not dancers. But Thursday evening I went to an opening of a former (mature, i.e., not just out of High School) studentís exhibition of photographs. She has taken young dancers and placed them in the exotic settings of the Nova Scotia coast. The photos are very beautiful: large format, clear color, technically stunning.

Friday evening Wayne Boucher and Kay Stanfield had a duo exhibit of their paintings at the Secord Gallery in Halifax. Really good show. And out to dinner afterwards with friends.

Saturday dinner with a friend and a dance concert. Verve Mwendo. The dance company of one of my Pilates instructors. Always a real pleasure to see dance (or hear live music) in a small theatre space, especially when it has the energy and finesse of this group.

Today this butterfly is happy to be home with Aaron & Jessica here for company. And the sun is shining high in the sky, three days in a row: such a blessing!

Posted by leya at June 6, 2004 03:39 PM