May 28, 2004


Iíve been telling everyone (and I mean any one who comes within six feet of me!) that I bought $1000 worth of rubber matting for my studio floor! Very exciting news! It sounds much more dramatic than saying I bought 20 feet of rubber matting because standing on the concrete floor for several hours at a time was beginning to be unbearable on my back (and legs, and knees). So I am very excited that it is now down on the floor, covering the areas where I stand. But it smells oh so bad and I have all the windows open, two air purifiers going and the ventilation system circulating fresh air in constantly when I am in there. And the heat on because it is still very cold outside. (Yes I know it is Spring, but someone forgot to tell the weatherman.) The heat will also help with the out-gassing, accelerate it.

Usually when I paint I change my clothes completely, including shoes, wear a full face mask and rubber gloves. I look like Darth Veder on an undercover (under paint) job.


I love my mask, really. Making art is a dangerous profession, hazardous fumes, toxic materials. With my mask, the air smells pure.

Posted by leya at May 28, 2004 03:30 PM