May 13, 2004


Hope is a dangerous emotion. We live in anticipation. Miss today, etcetera. But……….Black fly season started yesterday. That means not being able to go outside without protection from the vicious little buggers for the next month, at least, may even six weeks (unless it is a windy day and then they stay away).

Yoko told me she googled “black fly” and discovered that it is a kind of sunglasses, very popular in Japan. (Very expensive sunglasses. Our black flies are free!) So we looked together and found different styles of black flies (actually the sunglasses are called Black Flys) that you can get: Mile Fly Club black flies, Fly Candy black flies, Sex-E Fly (hmmmmmm!) black flies. Much better than what is flying around my garden making me wear outrageous costumes for the next month so they won’t bite my skin.

And I hope their visit is only for a month.

Posted by leya at May 13, 2004 07:54 AM