May 09, 2004

Darling deer

My garden is beginning to bloom!



So far, although I have seen deer crossing the road near my house, they have left my flowers alone. (Keep your fingers crossed for me!) When I was at the vets a few years ago, I was bemoaning the loss of my flowers to the deer and bunnies. Another woman there said she uses a spray of rotten egg water. For those of you in deer country, the recipe is: put a half dozen eggs in a quart jar with water, run it through the blender, let it sit for week. Then dilute it with more water into a gallon spray container. And poof—no deer! I spray after it rains and any other time I feel deer-paranoia.

About five years ago, I read one of John Udike’s novels (his books are some of my all-time favorites but this one was not, so I don’t remember the title; sorry, Mr. Updike) wherein the major theme at the beginning of the novel was his becoming a deer vigilante, and of course, losing. (I could relate to that, but not much to the rest of the novel.) I probably should write him and let him know about the rotten egg-water.

Posted by leya at May 9, 2004 02:32 PM