May 06, 2004

Local color

Halifax is really changing. It is no longer the bottle of homogenized white milk it seemed to be when I first came here twenty years ago. We see more ethnicity on the streets along with the upscale boutiques and trendy restaurants. It’s growing too fast for the narrow streets and limited downtown parking. But being a port city it has always had a strong though underground night life. And one of the best music scenes in Canada. Still, you can usually see people waiting for the “walk” sign to light up in order to cross an intersection, even when there is no traffic in sight on a sleepy Sunday morning.

And yesterday I was in the parking lot after going to a bookstore with my friend Suzie and she called me over to see the car next to mine: into a very dusty hood was written “I wish my wife was as dirty as this car!”

Posted by leya at May 6, 2004 07:37 AM