April 15, 2004

End of school

It is the last week of this semester. We are having final crits at school. That means for me, talking to each student individually about their work. It is exhausting but fascinating as well. Iíve had some interesting conversations in the process.

I was talking to a student Tuesday about the difference between sweet/pretty and beautiful, the difference between sentimental and romantic. She comes to art school from a science background. She's been in two classes with me and I have watched her work (and her) grow from being very precise, almost delicate, always sensitive to a much stronger, experimental approach. There are times when the sensitive is too pretty and can be off-putting, when it is sentimental, doesnít reach beyond itself.

She commented that over the semester when I had pointed out that certain parts of her work could be eliminated, strengthened, the ones where the work was from the past, was too careful, too much sentiment, she felt I was wrong. Until a few weeks after my comments when she would look at the piece again and see what I was talking about.

Sentiment can be sticky, cloying; romance is broadening. I love watching these kids grow in their work and in their being. It is romance for me.

Posted by leya at April 15, 2004 06:40 AM