April 05, 2004

April snows

It IS April! And/but this morning it is snowing, big, soft balls of snow. It is coming down fast:


All the trees are turning white (again) and my driveway is covered with snow (again), so........ T.S. Elliot was right, April IS the cruelest month. But it is not breeding roses here.

Yesterday Yoko came over before we went into Halifax to see The Triplets of Bellesville, a strange, beautifully animated movie. It had been (and is predicted to continue) raining for three days. The fog on the lake was enchanting and Yoko noticed two ducks on the ice:


The tree logs on the edge of the lake are ones that had to be cut up after the blizzard felled them in October.

Here is a closeup shot of the ducks (well, as close as I could get, considering how wet and soggy the ground was and that we wanted to get to the movie on time):


Posted by leya at April 5, 2004 08:18 AM