December 19, 2003

Dream School

I had a first day of school dream last night. The class was overenrolled, students everywhere, taking over the energy, with me trying to give my first day introductions and explanations: what the class is about, what to expect, supplies, attitudes. The students are sitting in bleachers around the room, talking, interrupting, generally making me feel insignificant to their demands. Then my sister tells me I was sitting in the wrong spot, that I should not have been amongst them but made myself more of the leader. Then at my locker where I keep my supplies, another student from my last class tells me the students are talking about how to frame their homework, wooden frames, very elaborate. I am shocked at their wanting to think so much about product before they have understood the process. I woke with relief to the sound of Dan and Tamar's radio alarm.

My first day of school dreams used to be about me being the student, going to school without shoes or underwear. Now I am the one in charge. The shoes and underwear are nevertheless still very important.

The message is clear. But the holiday is not over yet, please.

Posted by leya at December 19, 2003 02:19 PM