September 21, 2005

moving in

So we're here. Damian started school today. We have enough unpacked to cook, albeit in a still-primitive fashion. No internet access yet, and no long distance service on our home phone. Feels positively archaic. We fit our stuff into the crevices of a smaller living space, but it works somehow. Dan's been unpacking like mad. I began catching up on my work, the work I thought I'd do on the road (ha). The deadline approaches fast. We're here, time to shift gears. No more vacation, this is our new life.

Cocoa is still staying with Dan's parents. He draped himself across my chest this weekend, purring and nuzzling my nose, and I wanted to take him with us, but a new environment complete with the chaos of movers? Not great for a cat's nerves. We'll bring him home Saturday, I think. The move isn't complete with no cat on the premises.

So far so good. I like Montclair. I like our charming, peaceful carriage house. I like Damian's teachers. This all feels like a dream, like we're going to wake up and find ourselves back in Los Angeles, but it's a sweetheart of a dream.

More as I can. Also, a new blog site soon, because Not so much any more.

Posted by Tamar at September 21, 2005 10:27 AM | TrackBack

Wow, welcome home, sis!

...and are my eyes seeing this comment from Amanda correctly? Montreal to Halifax? What a familliar route, that.

Anyhow, good to have you back on the right coast (as opposed to left coast). Can't wait to see you again, neighbor!

Posted by: Aaron at September 21, 2005 09:44 PM

Welcome home!

Posted by: tracing at September 22, 2005 11:19 AM
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