June 13, 2005

photo essay

Now that we've sold the house (we're officially in escrow) and have probably picked out a school for Damian for fall, this is all seeming far more real. And as it does, I find myself missing the photoblog. No, stay with me, this is not a nonsequiteur. Because we're leaving. And we're here now. And what I see now, every day around me, won't be my every-day-around-me for much longer. And I want to capture that, best I can. And what better way?

I've posted a photo essay of the Venice Boardwalk over on my photoblog for your enjoyment. I thought about posting it here, but here is words, there is pictures. So there it is. I plan to update there far more often. Should I post here every time I do? Or only if it's full-on essays like today's? Or not at all? What do you folks think? Let me know!

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I vote that you post to both places whenever you want to, and I'll now check Postcards independently of Postscript in case you just wanna upload pictures without writing. Do you think you'll post cross-country pics when you drive back east? I vote for that, too.

Also, you gotta talk more about escrow and who you finally went with and how you picked them, and how you're feeling now that the ball is officially in motion.


Posted by: Stealthpunch at June 13, 2005 02:40 PM
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