March 15, 2005


I've learned some important things about myself lately. For instance, I use of course a lot. As in: He was already there. Of course he was. I'm not big on adverbs, it turns out, but excessively fond of the ones I do use. Like oddly and carefully.

What does this mean? Oddly, I'm not sure. But of course Iím going to find out. As carefully as I can.

What? Oh. Yeah. Novel rewrites. Can be fun.

Lots of fun, actually.

(And no, I donít overuse actually, actually.)

Posted by Tamar at March 15, 2005 11:10 PM | TrackBack

Actually, I totally overuse "actually". So much that our 2-year-old is using it often and appropriately. Oddly enough!

Posted by: bee at March 16, 2005 06:07 PM
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