January 02, 2005


It's become an honest-to-god ritual. Three years running now, we've hosted a small gathering of online journallers and personal bloggers (as well as partners, spouses and kids thereof, plus a friend who is none of the above but counts as family nevertheless).

Some are people I consider good friends, some are people I only see once a year, but it's a good group and a good tradition. Scones with clotted cream, bagels and whitefish salad, fruit and pastry. (Pastry this year was a sourcream coffeecake supplied by Zingerman's via Diane & Darin and wow.) Food, I think, is an important ingredient of a good gathering. It helps if people feel like you care enough to take care of them. But I have a hunch with this group, all you really have to provide is a bunch of chairs and a warm house. Then conversation fills the room and the year is well begun. A good tradition. Think it'll migrate well to Toronto?

Posted by Tamar at January 2, 2005 08:12 PM

Hey, Neighbor! mopie informs me that you are but two doors down. I'm kind of sorry I yelled out the window to keep that damn noise down. Lots of laughter and a horn of some sort.... Anyway, happy new year!

Posted by: spiderbite at January 4, 2005 12:45 AM