December 05, 2004

hi there

Hi. How are you? Been a few days, huh? I miss you too. What have I been up to? Oh, not much. Just cranking out a few thousand words a day, y'know, your average everyday sort of life. Other than that, not much. And you?

Ahem. Yeah, I'm back. In fact, I did something foolish. I signed up for Holidailies. Yup, I'm going to finish my novel AND post an entry every single day from December 7th through January 6th. Yup. Because those words, I just can't get enough of them. Well, also because I did it last year and enjoyed it. Also because I tried Blog Explosion and hated the endless surf-through ick-this-blog-bites-I-hope-the-next-one's-good accumulation of points. It made me depressed, actually. So many mediocre blogs out there. Also some good ones (I blogmarked some, will go back and get acquainted real soon and may in fact surf some more, too, but in limited doses). But just so many. A veritable ocean of blogs. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of humanity. Blogging can be a statement of individuality, I think that's what appeals to us as writers and as readers. But en masse it becomes a blur, the sky full of too many stars and it becomes a vague pulsating headache-inducing light.

I like Holidailies. I like the manageable size. I like the fact that many of the bloggers and journallers are drawn from a community that already know each other (hi, guys). It feels far less anonymous as a result. I also like that it's a portal, that you can read the teaser for an entry and choose to click or not click. You choose whether to read my words. Much more pleasant than forced surfing through endless smiley-faced sweet mom and angry conservative sports fan blogs.

Besides, I do miss writing here. Whenever I stop for a bit, half a dozen entries pop into my head and crowd out more important thoughts. The only cure, apparently, is to keep the blog up to date and clear the debris out of my brain. Anyway, I figure I'm on a roll now with the novel. And writing begets writing. And besides, why not? So I signed up.

See you Tuesday, if not before.

Oh, and while I'm being meta, go pre-order Erin's book, okay? Now that she's listed contributors, I can tell you that I'm one of them. I'm delighted to be part of it and look forward to reading the book as a whole. It's a wonderful concept and a juicy set of writers.

Posted by Tamar at December 5, 2004 10:27 PM