November 08, 2004

feline felony

Today Cocoa was apparently a very bad cat. It seems he informed Damian's toys that they could do whatever they wanted, including not listening to Damian (a/k/a Da Boss). The toys took this to heart and boycotted a game of pretend Myst (wherein Damian, abetted by toys, enacts scenarios from the computer game).

Damian first brought Cocoa to me: "Mommy, Cocoa is a bad cat," and thence to his bedroom closet, where the kitty was incarcerated for three Damian minutes (ie: fifteen minutes). As a condition of his release, he had to stay in Damian's lap for another three Damian minutes (countdown courtesy of his erstwhile jailer) and not struggle for release.

I'm happy to report that Cocoa fulfilled his community service, remaining fairly content in Da Boss' lap. He was then allowed to scamper off with no more than a warning to never try to indoctrinate the toys again.

Posted by Tamar at November 8, 2004 11:17 PM