September 05, 2004

don't wake mommy!

Why is it that when I want to sleep in, Damian comes racing through the bedroom, slamming first one door and then the other (because, you know, Mommy's asleep so we should keep the doors closed), not one but four times? Or he decides he too is tired and so clambers into bed over my prone form, an elbow in my face and a foot in my side and settles in beside me. For approximately one fifteenth of a second, after which he wiggles (not comfortable, this bed) and wriggles (no, that didn't feel right either) and squirms until he realizes, "Hey, I'm not tired after all," and shimmies off the bed. Over, what else, my prone form. Elbow back in face, foot back in side. And then thunk, off the bed, and stomp-stomp-stomp, off to the other room. Who knew a slender six year old boy could make such noise walking down the hall? And if neither of these ploys bring about the desired result, he carts in a few toys because of course my dark bedroom is The Best place to play this morning, a perfect place to chase the cat and zoom the froggie shadow ship and bang on the drum. Oops, no drum in the house? Oh well, guess I'll have to use Mommy as my drum. Oh, Mommy, you're awake? What a surprise, I was trying so hard to let you sleep.

Why is it that when Dan wants to sleep in, Damian curls up in the living room with me so very quietly?

Why is that?

Posted by Tamar at September 5, 2004 10:53 PM

Oh how I recognise this story! Daddy wants to sleep in - great, lets go out to the living room mummy, we can even whisper if we need to be in the bed room for something. Mummy wants to sleep in? Not a chance. Must have mummy-milk. Must read books in mummy's bed. Daddy: go-way!

Posted by: Kay at September 9, 2004 08:35 PM