August 30, 2004

graduation take two

Okay, I think I'm back. With a backlog of entries to write, if I can only remember them. There was the one about watching The Hours, the one about reading blogs vs. reading books, the one about Damian's second graduation. Ah. Well, that one I can talk about tonight.

It was his first time performing in front of an audience. It was a big audience, too -- fifty or more adults. And not only did he file out with the other kids, not only did he sit down in his allotted space (well, actually, no, he sidled over into a spot next to his best friend), but he spoke up as the director was introducing the first song. "It's in Spanish!" he announced. Just to make sure we knew.

That's when I got teary-eyed. Not at the thought of leaving this school, though it's a sweet place that's been very good for him, but at the very fact that my shy formerly language-deficient boy would want to and be able to pipe up on his own in front of a big crowd. Singing as part of the chorus of preschoolers, that was a kick too. He sang lustily, his mouth wide open and his eyes clear. He made the arm movements at the proper times (well, when he remembered, which was about halfway through).

He did great.

Maybe this is part of the point of a preschool graduation (a slightly absurd concept, if you think about it). It gives you a chance to see how far your child has come from wobbly toddler to surefooted kindergartener-to-be. Our child has come farther than most. Very satisfying.

Posted by Tamar at August 30, 2004 11:12 PM

And I'm teary too. I've been at those kind of talent shows, little boys all elbows and knees; I'm guessing your boy's winsomeness made him stand out more than your mandatory modesty will say here. I'd say "kiss him for me" if he had reason to remember me, but it's been too long for that :-(.

(A backwards congratulations for getting your other stuff to at least a composting phase, too.)


Posted by: Chris at August 31, 2004 06:38 AM