July 26, 2004

pedal to the metal (aluminum, to be exact)

New computer! Here! Now! Typing on it! Keys feel strange! Screen looks wide! So pretty! So bright! So fast! Va va voom! Zoom zoom around the room! So new! So fast! My new computer! Yay!

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Oh. Yeah. Exclamation points. Yeah, I know. Doesn't sound like me, does it? Blame the -- did I mention? -- new computer. It's very young. Still excitable. Because, y'know, couldn't be me. I'm jaded and old and all that too cool for my shoes shit.

(New computer! Woo!)

The specs, for the tech oriented:

G4 PowerBook. 15" screen. 1.5 gigahertz processor; for you PC types in the audience, this is not comparable to the 1.5 gig PCs. I would have said it's like comparing apples and oranges (ha ha) but Dan tells me it's equivalent to the speed of a 3 gigahertz PC machine. Also: 80 gig hard drive. 512 meg RAM, though I'll probably get more (I'm doing photo work, after all, a memory hog). Built-in CD/DVD burner (fun! easy! convenient!). Backlit keyboard (how cool is that?). Basically one hot machine. Only, actually, not hot. Not like Dan's TiBook. May get warm later but seems to run pretty cool so far. And quiet too.

Also cool: I didn't have to break a sweat to set my work up on this computer. When I booted it up for the first time this morning, it asked me if I had another Mac. When I said yes, it informed me that I could run a firewire cable between them and it would take all my stuff from the old one. I said okay, sounds good to me. It grinned and got to work. Result: my new computer now looks exactly like my old one, only of course not at all. But the same files on the desktop, the same choices -- my choices -- in the dock, the same bookmark files in the browser... everything I'd normally have to configure up the wazoo. All done for me. Now I can play.


(New computer! Woo!)

Posted by Tamar at July 26, 2004 09:46 PM

So, I'm suspecting you might be a little excited by the new computer. (woo! congrats!) Sounds wonderful.

Posted by: toni at July 26, 2004 11:39 PM

And just think, my first computer was your first computer handed down to me........and I loved that old MacPlus so much! The specs they are a changin'. Woo! Congratulations, kid!

Posted by: Leya at July 27, 2004 02:57 PM

A computer that completely configures itself. Now that's cool.

Posted by: Kay at July 27, 2004 10:18 PM