July 07, 2004

coastal summer summary

How is it that the mere act -- or rather, non-act -- of sitting in a car for several hours at a stretch can make you so exhausted you want to collapse on your bed and never move again? How is that?

Yep. We're home.

We stayed with Diane, Darin, Sophia & Simon in the surprisingly lush Silicon Valley town where they now reside, we watched the kids play, we visited San Francisco, also Monterey and Carmel, we saw far fewer friends than I would have liked but were very happy to have the time we did with the ones we saw (and I now have pictures of Selila's bumblebee tattoo), we spent a few hours wandering through one of the most beautiful spots on earth (Point Lobos), we drove down a fog-enshrouded Big Sur coastline -- truly the edge of the world -- we said hello to Cambria again after a mere seven months, and we spent a whole hell of a lot of time in the car, especially the past few days. My buttocks still feel the curve of the seat, my ears the rush of wind and driving music, I see a blur of dark, twisted cypress trees, blue-green/blue-gray ocean, and golden hillocks when I close my eyes.

I may have more profound or at least interesting things to say tomorrow. Or I might just post a few pictures. But I will certainly be back to my daily posting schedule. Until I leave town for a short term job. (Stay tuned.)

Posted by Tamar at July 7, 2004 10:43 PM