June 17, 2004

primer up my nose

How is it possible that one small room (so small it doesnít even fit a closet, so small I wonder if it would even fit a bed) can take three DAYS to prime? Two coats of primer, covering walls and ceiling. Three five hour days. Fifteen hours of sweat and strain.

I donít get it.

Iíve got primer under my fingernails, on my elbow, splashed on my ankle, probably in my hair and on my teeth. Iím bone-tired. And the room is primed but not painted yet.

I see why people hire painters.

I think I always feel this way in the midst of a big project and conveniently forget by the time the next one rolls around. And I probably will have amnesia next time too. But for now, Iím really fucking tired and covered in white, to boot.

Posted by Tamar at June 17, 2004 11:03 PM