May 30, 2004

more adventures from Froggy Land

This morning a small plastic frog named Stripey whiled away the time outside a brunch place in Pasadena by trying to steal small objects away from me and jumping down my shirt. We placed Stripey in jail but Judge Damian was lenient and the lowlife frog was released all too soon. Fortunately for my dignity, we were then ushered into the restaurant.

In the parking lot after brunch, Damian asked me what Stripey’s middle and last names should be. I suggested a few. He shook his head. Stripey’s middle name should be Sneaky, his last name Thief. Stripey Sneaky Thief.

In the car on our way home much later, Damian asked if we had any food in the car. I gave him a box of raisins. He munched peacefully for a bit, then said, “Do you know what they use for mulch in Froggy Land?”

“No, what?”


Dan’s comment: “That’s handy, when they’re done using the mulch, they can eat it. Maybe it looks like flies.”

But no. “If they eat it, they’ll get more weeds.” Then he ate some raisins, um, I mean, some mulch. And a little voice (sounding suspiciously like Damian in a higher-key) said, “Hey, that’s my mulch! You can’t eat that!” Thence followed some kind of tussle, but it was hard to hear the specifics from the front seat. I believe the frog won. Stripey Sneaky Thief strikes again.

Posted by Tamar at May 30, 2004 09:14 PM