May 21, 2004

kindergarten, a twist

I havenít done a kindergarten search update in a while. Thereís a reason. I wanted to be able to point to good news or at least say something definitive about next year. I canít. In fact, we may now be headed to court. Because of that, I probably shouldnít be too concrete in a public forum until everythingís resolved.

But man. Can you believe it? I just want a good elementary school experience for my kid. Doesnít have to be a stellar one, even. Just a good, solid education with nurturing teachers and a warm environment. Somewhere he can continue to grow, not backslide and end up emotionally damaged. And it might lead us to court. We need to either move or have a hearing. Weíre leaning toward the latter. Moving is tricky with the current real estate insanity. So. Lawyer, mediation, a courtroom.

Monday night I cried. Yesterday I felt panic-stricken. This morning I felt strangely calm, getting used to the idea. Now I feel excited. We can finally do something concrete. Itís a big something with no guarantee of success (though we have an excellent case) and thatís scary. But itís also an adventure.

(A few hours later: I now feel jittery and anxious. I think this is going to go in waves. I suppose if it lasts months, Iíll get used to it.)

Posted by Tamar at May 21, 2004 08:06 PM

Oh, man. That's not the news I expected to hear when I saw that heading on this entry. Whatever happened, it sucks. And if there's anything I can do...

Posted by: Tiny Coconut at May 22, 2004 08:34 AM