May 10, 2004


And then there are times real life is all too real. Abu Ghraib. I can't write about it, not in any coherent way, and yet I have to say something or it'll be an odd emptiness in my blog archives, as if I didn't care when I care too much. I've been reading with disgust and literal nausea. I have nothing to say that hasn't been said elsewhere with vehemence and eloquence. It's a travesty and a disgrace and a horror and I'm absolutely certain is endemic to this administration's parody of governance, commanded or at least condoned by higher ups all the way to the top. People aren't human unless they're our kind of folk. How fucked, how absolutely and completely fucked.

Teresa Nielson Hayden linked to Arkhangel, one of the more eloquent voices in this. And so I do too. And that's all I can bear to say on the subject.

Posted by Tamar at May 10, 2004 09:43 PM