May 07, 2004


The odd thing about central air in a house where there was no such thing just a week ago -- no, a few days ago -- is that you lose track. You start thinking it is in fact not hot out, it's warm and comfortable with a slight breeze that's somehow mysteriously wafting in from outside through vents instead of windows. Because your house, it reflects its environment. Then you go out into the heat (a mere ninety degrees, nothing like last week) and it's a surprise. What is this thing called heat that envelops like an invisible fog, that surrounds you and holds you close in too tight an embrace? Why isn't the world air conditioned? How can this be?

Stepping back into the house. Cool again. Feels like cheating, like you just found a loophole in the summertime contract. Odd.

(If I owe you email, please forgive me. It's been an incredibly busy week. Birthdays, group excursions to Disneyland, parties to plan and cakes to bake, not to mention an unexpected photo sale to negotiate. Busyness. Exhaustion. Email meltdown. Soon to be rectified.)

Posted by Tamar at May 7, 2004 09:52 PM

It's air conditioned here, all year round! Next time you get a heat wave, let's combine forces and send some of my cold air there and your heat here. Or maybe one of us should just get on a plane.......soon!

Posted by: Leya at May 8, 2004 04:05 AM