May 02, 2004

a real celebrity spotting

Hovering near 100 again today. Give us a break, neophyte weather god with your too-heavy hand on the "hot" button! If this is what you trot out at the beginning of May, what will you have left for August?


This afternoon as we were strolling through The Grove, LA's Vegas impersonation in the form of an outdoor mall, Dan said "Did you see?" and I thought he was referring to some celebrity or other passing by. This being LA, I didn't really care to look. I spot minor and major celebrities everywhere: in movie theaters, bookstores, grocery stores, at preschool with their toddlers. Hardly worth turning my head in the heat to watch another larger than life face become normal sized. But I was wrong. Turns out Dan had just watched a G5 walk by. Now that I would like to have seen. An ambulatory computer.

(Apple Store at The Grove. Possible person holding said computer. Simple explanation. But I prefer the other image better. Sexy computers walking among us.)

Posted by Tamar at May 2, 2004 09:51 PM